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Review: Sweet Little You by Joni Halabi

More and more children’s books these days show different types of families: gay parents, multicultural, biracial, single parent, adoptive, divorced… but, like author Joni Halabi realized, far fewer are about single mothers by choice who conceive using a donor. What did she do to fill this void? She wrote and published Sweet Little You (2022), […]
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Review: Dear Rainbow Baby by Samantha Gassman

Whether you have experienced the loss of a child, know someone who has, or simply want to reflect on grief and healing, this book is the one you should read. Dear Rainbow Baby by Samantha Gassman is a heartfelt letter to a future baby after the loss of a child. The book uses free verse […]
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Review: Hat Cat by Troy Wilson

If you pay attention when you go outside, you’ll notice squirrels scampering across the grass and finding shelter in the trees. But have you ever stopped to feed them? To gain their trust and become friends? In Hat Cat by Troy Wilson, Grandpa goes out to feed the squirrels all the time, setting peanuts on […]
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Review: The Big Adventures of a Little Tree – Tree Finds Friendship by Nadja Springer

If you look out your window, you’ll probably see a tree somewhere—on your lawn, in the park across the street, in the nearby forest. But did you ever stop to think that this tree might be yearning for adventure? Nadja Springer’s The Big Adventures of a Little Tree – Tree Finds Friendship is the heartwarming […]
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Review: The Adventures of Grandmasaurus – At the Aquarium Rescue Centre by Caroline Fernandez

If you’ve been to an aquarium, you’ve probably seen coral, sharks, and even manta rays. Maybe you’ve studied hermit crabs or helped rescue a dolphin or two. But have you ever seen a grandma turn into the extinct ocean giant Megalodon? In The Adventures of Grandmasaurus – At the Aquarium Rescue Centre by Caroline Fernandez, […]
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Review: Paper Son by Julie Leung

Imagine boarding a ship headed for a new land. Imagine leaving behind part of your family, the country you love, the person you were before. For the immigrants among us, it isn’t a matter of imagining but rather of remembering our own families’ journeys. Paper Son tells the inspiring story of a Chinese immigrant with […]
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Review: Areli Is a Dreamer by Areli Morales

Alright, I’m not going to lie: this one had me in tears. If you’re searching for a children’s book that addresses the hybridity of identity, the struggles of immigration, and the familial love that knows no boundaries, look no further than Areli Is a Dreamer, a true story by Areli Morales. From the protagonist’s childhood […]
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Review: Lucas at the Paralympics by Igor Plohl

Run faster. Jump higher. Swim farther. Cycle, surf, punch, shoot, ride, row. For millennia, humans have been training to go above and beyond their bodies’ limits. Overcoming obstacles is basically a requirement in the age-old Olympic tradition. Paralympic athletes are no stranger to overcoming obstacles—since the first Paralympics in Italy, 1960, thousands of people with […]
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Review: Missing You by Erica London

As adults, we have loved and lost and learned to smile again. But for a child, a loved one’s passing is much more difficult to imagine, let alone to process. How do we approach heavy topics like mortality, sickness, and death with our little ones? What should we say to a kid who lost a […]
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Review: Zonia’s Rain Forest by Juana Martinez-Neal

Most of us, as least in North America, have never ventured into the rainforest. What animals might we find there? What plants bloom, what birds sing, and what bugs crawl through the trees? Dive into Zonia’s Rain Forest and explore the mysteries of the Peruvian Amazon through the eyes of a curious young Indigenous child. […]
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Review: A Mother’s Day Surprise by Lindsay B

When it comes to family, nothing is more important than love and mutual respect. In Lindsay B’s A Mother’s Day Surprise (available in French as Joyeuse fête des Mères!), little Rainbow reaches out to family and friends for help planning the sweetest Mother’s Day surprise for her two wonderful mothers. When the celebration doesn’t go […]
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