Review: Sweet Little You by Joni Halabi

Review: Sweet Little You by Joni Halabi

More and more children’s books these days show different types of families: gay parents, multicultural, biracial, single parent, adoptive, divorced… but, like author Joni Halabi realized, far fewer are about single mothers by choice who conceive using a donor.

What did she do to fill this void? She wrote and published Sweet Little You (2022), a heartfelt letter to a new baby inspired by her own child whom she chose to have alone. The simple rhyme explains in child-friendly terms how the expectant mother made a plan and got the parts she needed to create new life—then, she promises her newborn baby unconditional love and support through any adventure.

Illustrator Lisa Wee accompanies the verses with birds, flowers, and greenery to parallel the child’s and nature’s development. First, the fruit and flowers grow. Then comes the baby, growing inside and outside the heart-shaped womb. Lisa’s whimsical style and beautiful, bright colours make for a serene ambience with just a touch of magic, highlighting the best parts of pregnancy and early parenthood.

“Welcome little baby,

You sweet little you!

I’m happy that now

We’re a family of two!”

After welcoming the baby, the author-illustrator team work in harmony to show the reader, young or old, that this family of two is perfectly whole. Joni’s story is one we need in our bookshelves to promote diverse family structures and foster acceptance of single-parent families.

You can order your copy of the book today by visiting Joni’s website.