Story-Writing Contest 2018-2019

When DC Canada decided to hold a writing contest, our team would never have imagined how many submissions we would receive. After sorting through 170 stories by 1st to 7th graders from Duncan, British-Columbia, to Albert Bridge, Nova-Scotia, the DC Canada team and our external judging panel have finally decided on the best stories in each group.

Congratulations to:

Winners, Grades 1-4

Abbey Vallis

“Rebecca and the Rabbit Mystery”

Riverside School, grade 4
Albert Bridge, NS

Rayyaan Ahmed

“The Case of the Missing Cookie”

Madinatul Uloom Academy, grade 4
Toronto, ON

Taylor McDonald

“Tate's Magical Dance Shoes”

Brookland Elementary, grade 4
Sydney, NS

W. Y.

“Bob and Todd”

Cootes Paradise Elementary, grade 1
Hamilton, ON

Winners, Grades 5-8

Dani Francis

“Freddy's First Day”

Goulbourn Middle School, grade 7
Ashton, ON

Addison Bonner

“Thinking Inside the Box”

Calgary Girls' School, grade 6
Calgary, AB

Cynthia Wu

“The Story of Growth”

Cedarview Middle School, grade 5
Ottawa, ON

DC Canada’s first ever One Story a Day Writing Contest (2018-2019) was a raging success. Our team was thoroughly impressed by the talent we saw in all the stories we received. In addition to selecting the top three stories in each group, we decided to publish the 31 best contest submissions in One Story A Day by Kids for Kids.

Thank you to our young authors, now published in our One Story a Day by Kids for Kids!

Ahmed, Rayyaan
Ali, Jannat
Ansari, Hayyan
Biko, Kaydance
Bonner, Addison
Burke, Quinn
Cooper-Davidson, Kaelin
Ding, Sophie
Doba, Fareehah
Elazhary, Hanin
Francis, Dani

Grimwood, Mya
Keser, Eryn
Khan, Zainab
Kozielec, Eva
Lee, Kaden
Levasseur, Maelle
MacGregor, Kenna
MacPherson, Talon
McDonald, Taylor
Palmer, Quinn
Raheja, Allena

Rahman, Marzia
Rostek, Chloe
Vallis, Abbey
Veinot, Audrey
Wang, Lilian
Wu, Justin
Wu, Cynthia
Y., W.
Zhang, Johnathan

Even if your work was not selected, consider this a personal victory. You created something wonderful and, with practice, you will continue to grow as a writer and as an individual. Congratulations on having the courage to submit a piece of yourself to our contest.

Thank you to the top three schools with the most submissions. Each school received a set of One Story a Day as a reward.
  • Islamic Foundation School of Toronto, ON
  • Christina Lake Elementary School, BC
  • Riverside School, NS


After much deliberation, the DC Canada team and its external judging panel decided on the best stories. A big thank you to our judges!

Internal judges: Meizhen Dang, Leonard Judge, Kara Cybanski, and Nick Rakowski

External judges: Prof. Danielle Allard of Algonquin College, American children’s book author Jennifer Burrows, Prof. Michele Hall of Algonquin College, Principal Francesse Kopczewski with the OCSDB, Prof. Breid McIlkenny of the University of Ottawa, and Canadian author and musician Scott Paterson.

This contest is brought to you by the One Story A Day collection. One Story A Day contains a total of 365 stories — one for each day of the year — separated into 12 books, each representing one month of the year.

  • Professional writers
  • Motivational content: life, friends, family, fables, nature, science, history...
  • Controlled vocabulary
  • Targeted illustrations
  • Audio CD narration

The stories foster children’s total development — linguistic, intellectual, social, and cultural — through a love of literature. Sit back, relax, and discover the pleasure of reading!

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