Show your love for the North

The education system of northern Canada
The education system in northern Canada is struggling in many ways. First Nations schools receive less funding compared to public schools, and they also face greater challenges due to their remoteness, the extreme weather, and the special needs of their individual communities.
Our goal
The goal of our Love for the North campaign is to send 100 gift boxes of resource books to northern schools to support literacy, numeracy, and other fundamental thinking skills that are highly valued by educators and employers alike.

DC Canada Education will partner with local business and individuals to share the cost of sending each of the selected schools a gift box full of new books to inspire and empower young students in important subjects like social studies, financial literacy, mathematics, critical thinking, and language arts.

Your contribution
By joining us in this campaign, you will not only be supporting education in remote communities, you will be supporting the work of Canadian authors. In return, we will be happy to promote your business on our website and share the news of your generosity with the chosen schools and local media.

Let’s show our warm love for the north and a demonstration of our solidarity. Every $100 you donate provides a school with a box of books containing $200 dollars worth of new educational resources.

Join us

and show your love for the north!

What’s Inside?

  • Three Little Piggy Banks, by Pamela George (FINANCIAL LITERACY)

This story book was reviewed by the Canadian Credit Counselling Society as one of the best books to teach kids about money. Three Little Piggy Banks helps parents and teachers introduce kids to basic money management concepts of saving, sharing, and spending, all at a very early age. Young readers will learn about delayed gratification, the importance of sharing, how to set a goal for saving, and how good it feels to buy something special while living within one’s means.

  • Into Math with Imagination, by Yasmina Roberts (MATHEMATICS)

This three-book collection is written by a math teacher with a passion for nature and discovery. Math ideas appropriate for grades 1-3 are woven into tales of mystery and adventure to develop the analytical abilities that support math learning.

  • The Charter for Children, by Dustin Milligan (SOCIAL STUDIES)

The Charter for Children introduces children to the basic principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Each story is set in a different province or territory of the country and each addresses a different right or freedom in the Charter. The series seeks to empower children by providing them with a basic awareness of their rights and by fostering a respect for the fundamental values that Canadians cherish.

  • Super Hammy – My First Reading Series, by Oksanna Crawley (EARLY LITERACY / LANGUAGE ARTS)

This collection of 15 books is about a mighty little hero who goes on big adventures with his friend Little Mouse. The simple and funny stories are told in small sentences – just right for Pre-K, K, and Grade 1.

  • One Story a Day, by various authors(EARLY LITERACY / LANGUAGE ARTS)

One Story a Day is a 12 book series comprising high interest topics and motivational content. It features short stories about everyday life, nature and science, funny tales, fables around the world, and heartwarming narratives written by Canadian authors. The stories will inspire curiosity about the world and instill a love of reading in children in the Canadian North.

  • New School Songs, by various artists (EARLY LITERACY / LANGUAGE ARTS)

It’s natural for children to love music. Our exciting musical collection, New School Songs for Young and Old, provides opportunities for kids to enjoy and learn through singing and playing.

Thank you to our sponsors

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