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Super Hammy's New Adventures Now Available!

Super Hammy's New Adventures is the second part of Super Hammy Reading Series. It's a collection of 15 books about Super Hammy's latest escapades with his friends. These F&P levelled books are ideal for individual reading, guided reading, and early literacy intervention programs.

Best Reading! Phonics Long Vowels Now Available!

Best Reading! Phonics of Long Vowels by Cathy Jackson is a reading program comprising of fun short stories, instructional guides, and educational activities that develop children’s reading abilities, word recognition, and vocabulary.

Now Available! Better Behaviour

Better Behaviour is the perfect mixture of clever rhymes, colourful illustrations, and guide to improve children’s behaviour. These picture books inspire social skills, self-regulation, and empathy, and focus on important health / safety topics. P.J. Wright’s new series teaches kids to replace unhealthy habits with, well, better behaviour! This quirky self-help series is bound to get your little ones acting and feeling great.


LOGICO - The Learning Game LOGICO is ideal for independent learning activities. It is self-explanatory and easy-to-handle. LOGICO develops literacy and numeracy skills by drawing upon children`s natural curiosity to engage in discovery and independent learning task. The self-checking gives children a sense of success and a feeling of self-esteem. This motivates them and makes them look for further challenges. For every age group, there is the right LOGICO version.

One Story A Day by Kids for Kids

One Story A Day by Kids for Kids has a wide range of tales in this anthology from talented young authors across seven Canadian provinces.

Recess in the Dark

Recess in the Dark is a unique collection of poems that offers a new perspective on how students live in the Canadian North, complete with stunning illustrations of our country's natural beauty.

Best Reading Phonics — Short Vowels

Best Reading Phonics — Short Vowels by Cathy Jackson is a reading program comprising of fun short stories, instructional guides, and educational activities that develop children’s reading abilities, word recognition, and vocabulary.

Learning through phonics helps children recognize and decode the sounds of the letters in the words they read. In fact, phonics reading is essential to improve spelling, comprehension, and reading fluency—not only speed but also accuracy.

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When it comes to family, nothing is more important than love and mutual respect. In Lindsay B’s A Mother’s Day Surprise (available in French as Joyeuse fête des Mères!), little Rainbow reaches out to family and friends for help planning the sweetest Mother’s Day surprise for her two wonderful mothers. When the celebration doesn’t go […]

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Diving into Science, One Story at a Time
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Why does a loaf of bread rise? How do the tides change? What makes a tornado move so quickly? How did the black widow spider get its name? Children ask a lot of questions, sometimes too quickly to even hear the answers. With a natural curiosity and a keen interest in how things work, kids […]

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Better Behaviour: A Learning Journey with PJ Wright
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Tackling tough topics with kids, either as an educator or a parent, is never easy. But with the help of the Better Behaviour series by PJ Wright, those heavy conversations are a lot easier to approach. These 12 little books inspire reflection, discussion, and self-improvement. Find out why this talented author created the series! What […]

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How to Publish a Book
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Who Needs Children’s Poetry?
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First, one line, a fleeting thought Then, a verse! I take my shot Soon, a stanza—four whole lines My words make a poem that shines! While there is no shortage of children’s prose, finding poetry that is both accessible and meaningful for young readers is a bit more challenging. Often, kids grow up with a […]

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The Importance of Music in Education – Interview with Two Talented Ottawa Artists
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From car salesman jingles to holiday tunes, from live performances to campfire songs, music is all around us. Several studies have shown the benefits of introducing music in classrooms. But you don’t want to hear it from us! Find out what real musicians think about music in education. First, tell us a bit about who […]

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Read an interview of Meizhen Dang, publishing director and owner of a children’s book publishing agency in downtown Ottawa, Canada. How has your career path changed since your post-secondary education? It was an interesting one.  I didn’t expect myself to be a book publisher till very late. After I graduated from the University of Ottawa […]

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Boundless Creativity: Q & A with Illustrator Erin Mercer
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By now, you’ve fallen in love with Erin Mercer’s work on Recess in the Dark. Soon, you’ll be moved to laughter and even a few tears by the beauty of her pictures for the upcoming One Story a Day for Science series. But professional illustrators go way beyond sketches and colouring books. So what is […]

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Talking to Kids about Mental Health
By Kara Cybanski | September 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

When I was little, we didn’t mention words like depression or anxiety. We didn’t talk about learning disabilities or mental illness or substance abuse. Any questions kids had about those topics were met with “Shush!” and “Don’t ask about those things!” And honestly, I was little not THAT long ago. Nevertheless, we’ve come a long […]

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Designing an eBook Reader for Mobile Platforms
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By Ji Ho Oh Are there key elements to consider when creating an eReader for mobile devices? What even is an eBook, and how are they formatted? What are the pros and cons of HTML and EPUB, and what are the additional considerations for creating an eReader mobile application? If you’ve ever pondered these technical […]

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This book is truly a work of art. It features a bunch of wonderful poems about kids having recess and life in the Arctic. From making igloos to the Northern lights to sled dogs it depicts many of the unique elements that make the North so very special. Also look at these illustrations 😍 I really enjoyed this and highly recommend!

The books increase in difficulty at a steady pace so students are not overwhelmed with words and catch themselves reading (to their absolute delight). For the last four years, I have been using this reading program for all my beginning readers. It’s been the one program that has consistently helped the majority of my students.

As a librarian, I haven’t often come across books that teach financial literacy to kids, so when I read Three Little Piggy Banks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Financial literacy can seem intimidating, even for adults who have been paying bills and other expenses for years and years. It seems almost impossible to unpack such a mature subject for the youngest of children, but author Pamela George deftly simplifies the subject for young children. The book provides a very basic understanding of money: saving it, sharing it, and spending it.