Review: Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson

Review: Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson

A mom, a dad, and two youngsters – that was the model family in children’s literature for many, many years. But more and more, picture books are beginning to reflect the multitude of blended families out there! After all, whether it’s a single parent, two dads, a remarried couple, or any other combination of parents and guardians, all we want is awesome books that reflect the authentic experiences of our kids.

In Sarah Aronson’s Brand-New Bubbe, Jillian must come to terms with her new family structure. She already has two amazing grandmas, her Spanish Gram and her Italian Noni, who make some pretty fantastic soups – gazpacho and meatball, respectively. But her stepfather’s Jewish mom comes barreling in with her own Matzo soup recipe, asking to be called Bubbe… Learning to make room in her heart for another grandma isn’t easy for Jillian, but by the end of the soup competition she organizes, she realizes there is always room for more love and family.

Aronson’s story takes the reader on a journey towards welcoming change and growth through a shared love of cooking. At the end of the book, there are even the three soup recipes: Bubbe’s World-Famous Matzo Ball Soup, Noni’s Not-Just-for-Weddings Italian Wedding Soup, and Gram’s Easy-Peasy As-Spicy-As-You-Like-It Gazpacho. The last page includes helpful online resources for blended families.

This heartwarming tale will surely bring any young reader around to accepting others into their family. The cute, colourful illustrations by Ariel Landy subtly reflect the diversity of this beautiful family and include humour in the characters’ expressions and their pets’ antics. Children and adults in all sorts of families will love reading Brand-New Bubbe and trying out the soup recipes together.

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