Review: Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson

Review: Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson

“There is no one right way to blend a family,” writes author Sarah Aronson in the afterword of her beautiful (and delicious) book, Brand-New Bubbe. But main character Jillian has a hard time letting her stepfather’s mother find a place in her heart. What about her Noni and Gram? She already has grandmas—awesome ones with awesome traditions and tasty soups of their own. Will cooking with Bubbe change Jillian’s mind about this new addition to the family?

Aronson’s story is heartwarming, multicultural, and clever. By following Jillian’s journey of frustration, fear, acceptance, and finally love, kids getting used to their own blended families will have a great starting point to address their emotions and the changes they are undergoing. The key message at the end of the book is that there is always room for more family and more love. And let’s not forget the other key feature of this book: recipes! You’ll want to try them all…

  • Bubbe’s World-Famous Matzo Ball Soup
  • Noni’s Not-Just-for-Weddings Italian Wedding Soup
  • Gram’s Easy-Peasy As-Spicy-As-You-Like-It Gazpacho

Complete with links to websites supporting blended families, Brand-New Bubbe is a beautiful story brought to life by the colourful, pastel-like illustrations of Ariel Landy. The artist captures emotion in every face and gesture, even the pets’! Cute, lively, and perfectly suited to Aronson’s tale of love and family, Landry’s illustrations convey something beyond words.

Find this must-read through Penguin Random House or on Amazon.