Review: Jitterbug by Kai Luftner

Review: Jitterbug by Kai Luftner

Ever heard the expression “marching to the beat of your own drum”? For Ladie B. Marie, ladybug rockstar in the making, nothing could be closer to the truth. But the insects in the forest aren’t quite on board with all her singing, dancing, and guitar-playing—in fact, even her dad wishes she would just be quiet and calm like a proper ladybug! But Lady B. Marie doesn’t let the negativity get her down, and one day, she finds a band of bugs with the same passion for rock and roll she holds in her heart. Will the neighbourhood insects finally see that music is who she is?

Originally written in German by Kai Lüftner and translated to English by Marshall Yarbrough, Jitterbug is the kind of book that will get kids trying out their own killer dance moves and vocal performances. The rhythmic verse is as impressive in its translation as I imagine it is in the original (I don’t understand German, sadly). Kudos to the translator!

With fun, colourful illustrations by Wiebke Rauers, Jitterbug’s upbeat plot really comes to life. Who knew a ladybug could express so much emotion?!

The moral of the story is, of course, to be yourself and follow your dreams—a great message for kids of any age.

Jitterbug will be available in Spring 2023 through North South Books and is ideal for kids 3 to 7.