Review: A Mother’s Day Surprise by Lindsay B

Review: A Mother’s Day Surprise by Lindsay B

When it comes to family, nothing is more important than love and mutual respect. In Lindsay B’s A Mother’s Day Surprise (available in French as Joyeuse fête des Mères!), little Rainbow reaches out to family and friends for help planning the sweetest Mother’s Day surprise for her two wonderful mothers. When the celebration doesn’t go as expected, Rainbow learns that spending quality time together is more meaningful than any surprise breakfast or gift.

Rainbow runs through flowers

This heartwarming LGBT+ tale is beautifully illustrated by Kate Phillips in full colour. Rainbow and her mixed-race family create, share, laugh, and love all throughout the 25 page book, which ends with a discussion section perfect for starting conversations about different kinds of families with children 4 to 8.

Lindsay B’s intention to present LGBT+ families without focusing on their difference helps normalize alternate family dynamics. When a classmate tells Rainbow she can’t have two mothers, our star protagonist simply replies that she can because she does and happily continues writing them a poem! Books like A Mother’s Day Surprise are fundamental for creating a positive atmosphere for LGBT+ families everywhere—one where any combination of parents brave enough to raise a child is valued and respected.

A Mother’s Day Surprise is available on Amazon and in select bookstores. Learn more about Lindsay B’s journey on her website.