Review: Sid’s Big Fib by Roo Parkin

Review: Sid’s Big Fib by Roo Parkin

Have you ever told a lie that got out of hand? Has it cost you a friendship with someone important? Is it difficult for you to tell the difference between lying and exaggerating?

In Roo Parkin’s July 2022 picture book Sid’s Big Fib, two friends compete to outdo each other with news of their weekend adventures. If Sid had a huge cake, Lulu had a bigger one. If Sid swam like a dolphin, Lulu basically became part dolphin. And if Lulu kept coming up with better stories… Sid had better say something BIG!

While Sid’s lie about his space-travelling father quickly gets him popularity, it also gets out of hand and gets him in trouble. By the end of the story, both kids learn that they can have fun without making up over-the-top stories to prove they’re better, or cooler, or more popular.

This book teaches an important lesson about honesty and shows kids how lies they tell can backfire when the truth comes out. Roo Parkin guides the reader along with Sid – from little embellishments to a huge lie to reparations after the fact. This book will surely help children reflect on right and wrong and come to positive conclusions regarding honesty and friendship.

Illustrator Irina Avgustinovich makes this story come to life with bright colours, stars, and thought bubbles that recreated a sort of comic book / cartoon style perfect for lower grades. From the “This book belongs to…” to fill out on page one, to the alien on the last page, to the full colour inside covers, kids will love learning alongside Sid that being truthful even more fun than making stuff up.

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