Review: Avocado Magic by Taltal Levi

Review: Avocado Magic by Taltal Levi

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of avocado toast, you’ll surely be entranced by Avocado Magic, a touching story about growth by Israeli author-illustrator Taltal Levi. The story follows a young girl who, a bit impatient to grow up, learns to slow down and enjoy life as she waits for her avocado pit to turn into a tree.

With her father’s life lessons in mind, our young protagonist -and her plant- go through the many different stages of human existence from youth to adulthood in a beautiful medley of soft yellows, greens, and oranges, with occasional bursts of bright colour. Levi’s pencil-crayon style captures not only the lively expressions of a child but also the slow, steady, reliable growth of a plant (and a person).

At the end of the book are instructions to grow your own avocado from a pit. I have to admit, I have tried this before and lost patience! But after reading Avocado Magic, I just might try it again—maybe this book will give me the pinch of luck I was missing before.

If you’re looking for a gentle bedtime story for readers 4 to 8, Avocado Magic is the perfect choice. And it may just have parents shedding a tear or two when they think of their kids growing up and leaving the nest someday!

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