The Road Map to Reading

The Road Map to Reading

Have you noticed your four or five-year-old recognizing letters or common words? Maybe they’re pretending to read to their siblings or friends? You’re now wondering if it’s a good time to start teaching your kid how to read… The answer is yes!

If you’re not sure where to start, this post compares two resources from DC Canada that are designed to help you teach your kids how to read and, most importantly, help you share your love of reading.

Super Hammy: My First Reading Series

The goal of the Super Hammy levelled reading series is to help kids develop their basic reading skills. Learning to read is a very large task but breaking it into steps with levelled readers will ensure that your kids are learning at a manageable pace.

Free lesson plans are also available to guide you in teaching your kids other reading skills that you might not even know you have! Think about the skills you use when deciding on a new book to read. You analyze the title on the cover, the summary on the back, and the first few sentences inside the book.

For more fun ways to help your kids develop their reading skills, take a look at our free lesson plans:

One Story A Day

One Story A Day isn’t just about reading comprehension, it’s about sharing experiences and reading together. These delightful stories contain life lessons and situations based on the real world, and they will inspire conversations that you and your child will bond over.

Reading together daily also helps develop a habit of reading. Your kids will practice their reading skills with you every day! The chapters of One Story A Day also gradually increase in difficulty to continue challenging your kids as their ability to read improves.

Both collections also come with an audio CD, which is great for when you’re on the go since you can listen together in the car!

Reading with your child gives them the gentle guidance they need to become a life-long lover of books and reading. Good luck on your journey! We hope to see you many times along the way.


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