Seven Reasons to Give Kids Books as Gifts

Seven Reasons to Give Kids Books as Gifts

Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or an accomplishment, giving children presents is a fun way to celebrate their milestones. Next time the occasion arises, why not select a book or two? Here are seven reasons to give children books as gifts:

Giving gifts that last a lifetime. While certain toys quickly become outdated, books are never going to go out of style! Sure, the industry is changing—ebooks and all—but you’d be surprised how many people still prefer paper copies of their favourite books. (I have tons of books from my childhood even as an adult!)

Selecting from endless possibilities. Imagine how many books you’ve heard about. Now imagine how many thousands more there are out there! You’ll never run out of ideas for a gift if you’re giving books, and as the child grows up, there will be more books appropriate for that age range.

Sharing in an activity. Giving a book to a child means more than you think! It’s not just a physical gift; it’s a promise that you’ll spend time together and develop a shared interest. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, friends… anyone who takes the time to select a book and read it with the child will definitely make an impact.

Framing reading as a reward. Instead of telling a child, You have to read a book now, encourage them to want to read by giving books as gifts. This way, they’ll learn to value reading and be more likely to cherish books the same way they would a favourite stuffed animal.

Supporting local authors. There are people in every community who have published books, either with a traditional publisher or independently. If you want to shop local, look for authors in your area who have worked hard and would appreciate your support. Plus, you get an awesome book out of the deal!

Choosing what messages to share. It’s no secret that kids learn from the books they read. Gifting a book gives you the power to choose positive messages (family values, friendship, responsibility, consent…) and impart knowledge about important events or people (Indigenous Peoples, MLK, first man on the moon…).

Starting a reading journey. If the child in question doesn’t have a lot of books or doesn’t read much, gifting them a book is a great way to open doors on a new world. Giving someone the first book of a trilogy, for example, will likely inspire them to seek out the next two works in the series. Et voilà! A bookworm is born.

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