Seasonal Stories for the Beginning of Winter

Seasonal Stories for the Beginning of Winter

Looking outside my window this morning, I decided to work from home. Why? A good 5 inches of snow on my car, the roads, my front porch… it’s probably safer to stay inside during the first snow of the season.

Suddenly, I realized this snowfall also meant it was time for the first snowman of the season! I rushed outside and  built a little snow friend to guard my property. Then I threw a snowball at my neighbour. And that reminded me of the winter-themed stories in our One Story a Day collection!

One Story a Day is a series of 12 books (one per month) with a tale for each day of the year. The winter months’ books have the perfect stories for days like today.

This series is available in three levels – Beginners (5-7), Early Readers (8-10), and Intermediate (11+) – each with 365 unique stories. That makes over 1000 stories in total, not counting our One Story a Day for Science and One Story a Day by Kids for Kids! The Beginners set is even available in French (and the others will be soon).

If you aren’t sure what to do with your kids when it’s snowy and cold and nobody wants to go outside, picking up a One Story a Day book is a great alternative. Hint: you can read more than one per day – we won’t tell!

Find the complete collection here: