Easy Christmas Crafts for Children

Easy Christmas Crafts for Children

S. Evelyn CimesaDecember 18, 2015 Crafts


It’s that time of year. The trees are adorned in twinkling lights. Little snowflakes are dancing in your hair. Christmas music hums outside of every store. And there are parades and parties and presents galore.

But it’s still early, and we haven’t finished our advent calendars yet. And we have a festive group of children who are so excited by the magic and music and mystery woven into the holidays.

We bring out the sparkles and glitter. Those translucent “stained glass” colouring sheets. And, sometimes, we bring out popcorn, candy, and marshmallows to make little ornaments and garland.

Every year, I try to bring a few new crafts to the classroom. Here are some that made this year’s Christmas craft shortlist.


1. Galaxy Jar


The Galaxy Jar is perfect if you want to share the wonders of the stars with your children. It’s also great if you want portable Christmas lights. I love this project because it doesn’t require a lot of supervision, or a lot of guidance.

After the initial instructions, the children complete their craft autonomously.

Tutorial: http://bit.ly/1YNsNoX




2. Sock Snowmen


This craft combines my favourite part of Christmas (snowmen!) with crafts. These little Sock Snowmen are so much cuter than their snowy counterparts, and they last a lot longer, too! This Christmas craft will take more guidance and assistance, but the students will really enjoy being able to create something a little more challenging.

Tutorial: http://bit.ly/1gWFubp


3. Owl Ornaments


Almost every Christmas tree has an owl. They appear on greeting cards, in wreaths, and even as just general decoration. They’re iconic to the season, and they are everywhere.

Children can collect their own pine cones for this Christmas craft, and bring them in. Some may have difficulties with drawing the shapes for this craft, but you can remedy that with cardboard stencils.

Tutorial: http://bit.ly/1N0yXtr


4. Button Wreath


Over the last few years, I’ve abandoned wreaths altogether. They’re messy and sharp and I’m just much too clumsy to fret over them. But I love these little Button Wreaths! They’re really easy to make, and the kids can personalize them by using a variety of buttons. With so many colours and sizes and styles to choose from, they’ll create something that is uniquely their own.

Tutorial: http://bit.ly/1PEL6es