DC Canada’s Best Educational Gifts for Enthusiastic Kids

DC Canada’s Best Educational Gifts for Enthusiastic Kids

Birthdays, holidays, end of year parties… With so many occasions, it’s difficult to buy creative, useful gifts for the child that has everything! Trying to find something enjoyable yet educational, engrossing yet evergreen, well, it takes a lot of thought. But gift-shopping doesn’t have to be all that difficult! Our books, games, and music will instill a love of learning in children of all ages. Check out our top presents destined to help the fun-loving 4 to 7 year olds in your life develop the necessary skills to grow up to be intelligent and capable:

Little Big Thinker Box Set

Should we free all zoo animals? Can two people disagree and both be wrong? Does a dog know it’s a dog? Spark fascinating discussions with young kids using the My Little Book series—Discovery, Imagination, Right or Wrong, and Logic by Dr. George Ghanotakis. Help your children develop creativity, critical thinking, conversational skills, and good judgement so they can apply their knowledge and abilities to real-world situations from a young age.

By proposing new ideas, debating others’ perspectives, and examining hypothetical circumstances, kids will learn to form solid opinions and effectively defend them. Give the little philosophers you know a gift that lasts a lifetime. Unlock their wisdom!


The Anne of Green Tomatoes Gift Pack

It can be tricky to get kids interested in social studies, but Dustin Milligan’s The Charter for Children uses clever analogies and parodies that’ll make both kids and adults alike chuckle as they learn something new about difficult legal concepts without any complex vocabulary or long-winded explanations.

The 14 books embrace topics such as racism, sexism, aboriginal rights, and religious freedom, and relate them to the laws that prevent discrimination based on these differences. These engaging stories—each set in a different Canadian province and territory—show kids how the protagonists’ rights were infringed and how they fought back. The main characters include a bilingual blueberry, a feminist cow, a Canada goose, and Anne of Green Tomatoes, whose story focuses on the right to life, liberty, and security of the person. This gift set highlights Anne’s story, bringing her adventures to life with a plush rendering of her character.

Kids deserve to know their rights so they can stand up for themselves and for others. These books will inspire young readers to find courage, believe in themselves, and treat everyone with respect.


Three Little Piggy Banks Box Set

Many kids receive an allowance by the time they turn 10. But how many tweens are 100% sure how to best manage their money and set reasonable goals? With Pamela George’s Three Little Piggy Banks, children will follow little Ella and Andy as they develop invaluable financial literacy skills. The book teaches young readers how to divide their allowance into spending money, donations for those in need, and savings, all the while broaching the topic of financial instability and the cycle of poverty it can foster.

Showing kids how to be responsible for their own finances and breaking money-related stigmas are the crucial first steps in building a society in which adults have all the information they need to make the best economic decisions possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Give kids the gift of financial literacy.