Come Visit Our New Location in Ottawa!

Come Visit Our New Location in Ottawa!

As more and more businesses move exclusively online, you may be wondering why we decided to open a physical location for our children’s publishing company. The answer is simple! While shopping for books on the web is easy, buying them in store is an experience.

And that’s precisely what we want to give our customers! Children and adults alike will enjoy flipping through the pages of our collections and smelling that new book smell. Plus, you get peace of mind when buying a game that you can test in store before spending a penny!

Our new location at 28 Concourse Gate, unit 105, in Ottawa is enormous—tons of space for all our books, games, and songs. It’s our warehouse, our corporate office, and our bookstore, all in one! And we now have a location for any events we host: our grand opening, for example, or the next book launch.

Let me walk you through what you’ll find when you step inside our store. First, three beautiful displays of books, games, and songs. To your right, our bookstore. Straight ahead, more books, and to your left, my office, where you can pay for your purchases and ask any questions you may have.

Further in, we have our publishing director, our interns, and our other team members working hard on marketing and development. Past the kitchen you’ll find three rooms full of products! That’s our warehouse. And at the back, a few more little rooms plus one bigger space with a ping pong table. Maybe someday we’ll have a language school back there!

Whether you’re coming by to drop off a manuscript, to buy your grandchild a birthday present, or to ask about the publishing industry, we’re here for you, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, and on weekends by appointment.

Come visit us and discover the wonderful work DC Canada does in the field of children’s education and literacy. We can’t wait to see you!

Check out the bookstore.