Children’s Singing Contest 2023: Getting Back to the Music

Children’s Singing Contest 2023: Getting Back to the Music

We’ve already discussed at length the importance of using music in children’s education—not only is it an outlet of creativity and self-expression, but also a lesson in perseverance, dexterity, and rhythm. Now, we have the pleasure of announcing our first children’s singing contest for Canadians aged 4 to 12!

Before October 1, 2023, children must submit a recording of their performance of one of our awesome songs via the submission form on our website. Our team of musicians and educators will be judging based on the following points: following the beat, singing clearly and passionately, and following the instructions. We even invite kids to perform in groups, if they so desire!

There are many great prizes available to winners in the form of cash and store credits to be used on our website, which of course is full of wonderful educational books, games, and music collections.

“Kids just aren’t singing enough anymore,” says publishing director Meizhen Dang, explaining the reason behind this contest’s creation. “We hope to inspire them to practice singing and develop musical skills that will last a lifetime!”

Music helps us share our experiences and connect with others who feel the same as we do. It’s an art form unique in that it has no visuals (save for music videos, of course, but that’s different). Putting emotion and meaning behind every word you sing is what makes a song powerful. And with the variety of songs available for kids in this contest, we’d like to encourage participants to challenge themselves and work on their burgeoning musical abilities.

See the full contest details here.

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