A Story-Time Adventure that Will Actually Get Your Kids Reading

A Story-Time Adventure that Will Actually Get Your Kids Reading

Many children’s magazines claim sitting your children in front of the TV when you need a break makes you a bad parent. They say you should be reading to them, playing games, engaging them in meaningful conversations… But even superhero parents need some time off now and again.

However, if you still feel guilty over plopping your kids down in front of Peppa Pig or those first responder dogs whose names I never remember, we’re here to offer you the best of both worlds: DC Canada’s Story Time, a kid-friendly YouTube channel where your little munchkins will discover, wonder, imagine, and be inspired by tales from around the globe.

Welcome to One Story a Day – the Story-Time collection! Sit down with Uncle Leo to hear about life lessons, fascinating fables, the marvels of nature, scientific achievements and laws, and world history, all read and discussed by a proudly Canadian author, editor, and retired teacher. If your intention is to encourage a love of language and learning in your home, Uncle Leo provides the perfect balance between entertainment, education, and relaxation—both for kids and parents!

Once the playlist is running, there’s no telling what neat topics your young ones will encounter! While dear Uncle Leo reads, our writers keep creating new stories conceived to offer all kids the same educational opportunities, ones that foster both individuality and empathy towards others. By teaching kids about the world, they’ll open their hearts and minds to other cultures, ways of thinking, and traditions; maybe they’ll even teach their parents a thing or two about how the world works!

Our DC Canada team firmly believes that reading is the gateway to a happy and successful life. That’s why we never stop supplying children everywhere with books, songs, and videos that foster a love of reading and learning that’s hard to find nowadays!

We all want the best for our kids. Uncle Leo makes it easy to develop a passion for books with DC Canada’s Story Time! Once your kids are finally sitting still in front of YouTube, no need to worry about finding the next story; our channel runs through all the videos on our ever-growing reading list. But if your children manage to catch up to our production team, not to worry! We have three sets of One Story a Day books awaiting your eager readers.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world of stories at your fingertips, just waiting for your kids! Help them reach out to Uncle Leo or leave comments on their favourite stories so we know which topics your children like best.

Happy viewing!