Into Math with Imagination

Into Math with Imagination is a 3-book collection of non-standard math problems embedded into captivating, illustrated stories. The books are specially designed to aid cognitive development during early childhood. With the support of parents, these books will awaken the natural curiosity of young minds and train children to think logically while practicing different problem-solving methods. Into Math with Imagination make math fun and fascinating!

Book 1: antventures (grades 1 and up)
Book 2: mystery in the sea (grades 3 and up)
Book 3: logic land (grades 3 and up)

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-1-77205-00-4


Learning mathematics is not about memorizing facts, formulas, and definitions. Neither is it about remembering how to solve certain problems. It is about analyzing patterns, understanding them, and applying proper problem-solving methods. It is about developing logical and abstract thinking, disciplining the brain, and sharpening intellectual abilities.

All of this should be started in early childhood by

  • asking children questions instead of giving them answers:
  • challenging their brains to find hidden clues to problems
  • awakening their natural curiosity;
  • helping them open different thinking paths.

Many people believe that solving arithmetic problems is easy. This is not surprising since many textbooks used in elementary schools are full of repetitive problems that require minimal effort to solve. The result is that kids either feel bored by simple, repetitive problems or overwhelmed by complex problems years later.

The “Into Math with Imagination” series breaks this cliché and proves that math can be fun, fascinating, and imaginative. These innovative and lively books present mathematical problems to children through fantasies and tales rather than boring numbers, rules, and formulas. They give children opportunities to stretch their brains, awaken their natural curiosity and, ultimately, develop a deep love of learning.

Yasmina Roberts
Yasmina Roberts

Yasmina Roberts has a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Toronto. She teaches at a private college and runs math classes for children of all ages from both public and private schools.

Over the years, Yasmina’s experience working with children in an academic environment led her to question the standard approach to teaching basic problem-solving skills. She noticed that children did not develop and train their minds in logical thinking from early childhood. They did not have a chance to experience the feeling of great joy after discovering a hidden clue to a problem that initially appreared complicated.

Her goal is to help children develop the analytic abilities necessary to study mathematics. She suggests challenging the brain from early childhood with non-standard questions that have creative solutions.

This book series is designed to do that!


Antventures is the first book in the series. It is designed for students in Grade 1 and up who want to take their problem-solving skills to a whole new level. It also lets children learn some scientific facts about insects and their habits. The story in the book is about a little ant named Limpo who embarks on a fun-filled adventure while solving interesting math problems.

For Grade: Grade 1 and up

It is hard to find a person on this earth who has never seen an ant. If you look under your feet while walking in a park you are bound to see one of these busy, hard-working little creatures. Have you tried following it to its home, the anthill?

Many people don’t know, but ants are VERY smart. They are able to learn and think logically. In fact, they can even count to 7. They can talk to each other with their antlers, and they can remember what they learned for a few days. They even have two stomachs: one keeps food for the ant while the other holds food for sharing with others.

In this book, follow the little ant Limpo as he adventures through the anthill and solves challenging logic and math problems. Can you solve these problems too?



Mystery in the Sea is the second book in the series. It follows a pair of octopuses that are on a mission to investigate the theft of a diamond. It teaches children some scientific facts about marine creatures and their habits while motivating kids to develop a love of reading and math.

For Grade: Grade 3 and up

Consider for a moment that the majority of our planet is covered with water and that there are thousands of amazing creatures of all shapes and colours that make the oceans their home. There are Barrel Eye Fish with telescopic eyes and transparent heads, Leafy Sea Dragons that can hardly be distinguished from plants, and even hatchet fish which look like they've just seen a ghost.

If we take a closer look at these creatures and their wonderfully weirdest traits we might find that there is a reason why they are exactly the way they are. Just listen to the story of what happened somewhere on the Great Barrier Reef not long ago...



Logic Land is the third book in the series. It is a collection of non-standard math problems illustrated and embedded into stories. The stories take place in an imaginary town of magicians who do not use magic in everyday life. Instead, they choose to use logic to find solutions to their everyday problems.

For Grade: Grade 3 and up

Somewhere in the remote and beautiful Alp Mountains, there is a tiny country called Cleverly Land. Inhabitants of Cleverly Land are very little and their houses are hidden in the grass, flowers, and roots of the land, making them very hard to find, which is why only a few people know about the country.

The inhabitants of Cleverly Land know magic but they do not use it in everyday life. They use their minds to work, play, and solve problems because they do not want to become lazy and lose their ability to think. They believe that successful fairies and wizards shoudl be skillful, smart and knowledgeable instead of relying on magic for everything. That's why this country is called "Cleverly Land".

Now, if you want, you will be taken into this country to visit the inhabitants...