One Story a Day by Kids for Kids + The Alphabet Family + Three Little Piggy Banks


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One Story A Day by Kids for Kids

When the DC Canada team decided to hold a writing contest, we could never have anticipated the quantity of submissions we would receive. We promised to publish selected stories in an illustrated storybook and, many months later, here we are! You’ll find a wide range of tales in this anthology from talented young authors across seven Canadian provinces. Congrats to everyone who participated!

The Alphabet Family

Learn the alphabet in a different way. For each of the letters, look for words that start with the letter, and match the words to the pictures in the story. Have Fun!

Three Little Piggy Banks

Three Little Piggy Banks is a story that teaches the basic principles of personal financial management. The twins, Ella and Andy, receive three piggy banks each for their 5th birthday when they have their hearts set on a camera and a bike. Their parents explain that the twins will start to receive an allowance of three dollars a week that they will divide into three piggy banks called Saving, Sharing and Spending. When Ella and Andy meet their goal of saving five dollars each, their parents will help them buy the gifts they wanted. Young readers will learn about delayed gratification, the importance of sharing, how to set a goal for saving, and how good it feels to buy something special while living within one’s means.

The author, Pamela George, is dedicated to financial management and helping others escape the cycle of poverty and debt. Three Little Piggy Banks will put kids on the right track for a future of financial stability. Kids are encouraged to personalize their piggy banks and decorate them with pictures associated with their dreams and goals. The book comes with a handy pull-out tracking sheet to help them manage their savings, spending, and donations.