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Logico Piccolo Game Board


1 Logico Piccolo frame

Ages: 5 – 9

– School Readiness
– Reading Readiness
– Mathematics
– Reading
– English
– Natural Science

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With its 10 large buttons, LOGICO PICCOLO is a very tactile and hands-on educational game for children of nursery, pre-school and primary school ages.

LOGICO makes a perfect travel game as the frames themselves are robust and have no loose parts. Buttons are connected to the frame and can be easily moved by small hands.

After a short explanation of the task by an adult, children can work independently to solve tasks with the LOGICO frame. Children acquire valuable problem-solving and independent skills by working this way, and are motivated to continue with their learning.

Accompanying LOGICO PICCOLO learning card sets are sold separately. Each card contains the tasks and instructions. The beautifully designed LOGICO PICCOLO learning cards are available in 12 different sets, focusing on a range of interesting and engaging topics. Each LOGICO learning card set focuses on the development of a range of skills, including literacy and numeracy skills; logical thinking; colour and shape recognition; geometry skills and concentration.


Please note, frames and learning card sets are sold separately.