Bario Leblieux



Bario’s Family is French Canadian. In the hockey-loving blueberry patch of Oxford, most of the blueberries speak English. While the rest of his hockey team is excited about making it to the Stemley Cup finals, Bario has the blues. He is worried that he is slowly losing his ability to speak French. How can Bario protect his language and culture in Oxford?

This story helps children to understand the right to minority language education, which is guaranteed by section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Minority language education is one component of Canada’s constitutional protection of the two official languages, French and English. This provision provides French and English linguistic minorities with the right to have their children receive schooling in the minority language of their respective province.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-926776-92-7 (EN)
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-926776-91-0 (EN) | 978-1-77205-101-8 (FR)

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