One Story a Day Beginner


Released in 2018, One Story a Day for Beginners is a series of 365 little stories in 12 books that touch on a wide variety of topics.  The series is designed to foster children's total development—linguistic, intellectual, social, and cultural—through the joy of reading.



12 books / audio


Ages: 5 - 7

Language: English

ISBN:  978-1-77205-306-7 

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Each of the One Story A Day series contains 12 books, one for each month of the year. The three series of One Story A Day provide children ages 5 and up with motivational content and a wide variety of topics every day.

The stories, written by a group of Canadian authors, are inspired by life lessons, fables from around the world, nature, science, and history. The One Story A Day series is designed to foster children’s linguistic, intellectual, social, and cultural development through the joy of reading. Thoughtful illustrations reinforce the concepts in the stories, enhancing the children’s understanding of the text. Supplementary audio CDs, in which our stories are narrated by Canadian professional voice actors, are also available.

These books will be a practical addition to any home or classroom where the intention is to develop and encourage a love of language and education.

eLearning Program


Full Program Available on e-Learning Platform


  • Complete 365 stories
  • Synchronized audio read-along by professional voice actors
  • Keyword identification and visual explanation
  • Interactive activities and exercises
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