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LOGICO - The Learning Game

LOGICO is a European educational game for children aged 3 to 10. The LOGICO program consists of 2 levels: LOGICO Primo (age 3-6 years) and LOGICO Piccolo (age 5-10 years). Each version contains an answer board and a series of topics with 16 corresponding learning cards.

DC Canada Education Publishing / Institut-Philos is the exclusive North American distributor for LOGICO

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(ages 3 - 6)

LOGICO Primo, a board with 6 buttons and each card has 6 problems to solve. Recommended for pre-schoolers to improve their school readiness. Learning through play!


LOGICO Piccolo

(ages 5 - 10)

LOGICO Piccolo has 10 buttons so each learning card has 10 problems to solve. Helps to improve literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way.


LOGICO - An International Success Story