Logico Primo Game Board

The LOGICO® PRIMO range is well suited to children 3 to 6 years of age. It includes 6 coloured buttons on the board so each learning card has 6 problems to solve.

This range is designed to teach colours, shapes, observation, sequencing, visual perception and counting, to name a few. The cards are made from durable card and are laminated to protect them from spills and tears. They are available in sets of 16 cards providing plenty of challenges for growing minds. The cards are self-explanatory and generally do not require the game player to be able to read.


1 Logico Primo game board


Ages: 3 - 6

The learning cards help to improve:

- Concentration & perception

- Logical thinking

- Colours & Shapes

- Numeracy

- Colours & Shapes

- Sequencing

- Sorting and classifying

- Language development

- Reading Readiness


LOGICO is different, LOGICO is unplugged

LOGICO is hand-held, yet, it is not a tablet. Above all, it is easy to hold and the frame with the buttons is perfect to solve the puzzles on the learning card sets. We have gathered a range of ideas how you could make the most of using LOGICO in your own classroom. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Combine different learning areas

It is a very good idea to combine different learning areas, as it helps children create links between what they already know and the new. Furthermore, important areas, such as literacy or mathematics, are not ‘stand-alone’, they can be linked and work together really well!