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Logico Piccolo Game Board

The LOGICO® PICCOLO range is recommended for children aged 5 to 9 years of age. The board includes 10 coloured buttons making for more problem solving and an increased challenge. The PICCOLO range assists with school and reading readiness and includes mathematics, logical thinking, sequencing, map reading skills and many more. Once again, children can check their own answers by referring to the reverse side of the card.


1 Logico Piccolo game board


Ages: 5 - 9

The learning cards help to improve:

- School Readiness

- Reading Readiness

- Mathematics

- Reading

- English

- Natural Science


LOGICO is different, LOGICO is unplugged

LOGICO is hand-held, yet, it is not a tablet. Above all, it is easy to hold and the frame with the buttons is perfect to solve the puzzles on the learning card sets. We have gathered a range of ideas how you could make the most of using LOGICO in your own classroom. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Combine different learning areas

It is a very good idea to combine different learning areas, as it helps children create links between what they already know and the new. Furthermore, important areas, such as literacy or mathematics, are not ‘stand-alone’, they can be linked and work together really well!