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A New Way to Teach Children the Canadian Charter

S. Evelyn Cimesa | April 21, 2016 | Products We’re excited to announce the release of La Charte pour les enfants, the French edition of Canadian bestseller series The Charter for Children. This collection of witty, illustrated stories introduces children to the Canadian Charter of Rights and...

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Local Publisher DC Canada Education Publishing Debuts French Collection La Charte pour les enfants

(Ottawa, ON – April 14, 2016) — Are you ready to meet activist Alexander the Grape and feminist Emooly Murphy? How about witnessing the thrill of a Yukon sled race, or feeling your heart ache for a flock of dispossessed Canada geese as they make their traditional journey to and from their summer home in Canada’s North? You’ve heard about their escapades and adventures in English. Now it’s time to discover these loveable characters in Canada’s other official...

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