March 8, 2022: International Women’s Day

March 8, 2022: International Women’s Day

~An ode to all women~


To the women who write, who teach, who create,

Who discover, who design, who innovate;

To the women who cook, who clean, who read,

Who manage, who grow, who lead;


To the women who rise up and make their voices heard

And the ones who work silently in the background, undeterred;

To the women history forgot or will erase

And the ones who are just now finding their place;


To all women, of every nation, colour, faith, class, size, ability, and orientation,

Who love and exist and make small differences in their own way:

Happy International Women’s Day.


There are so many ways to be a woman and there are so many amazing women to celebrate, not just on March 8th but every day! This year, we want to thank our amazing publishing director, Meizhen Dang, for her incredible work running a small business during a pandemic. Mei works tirelessly to support her employees and ensure our products are of the highest quality.

DC Canada Education Publishing creates books that show women and girls in a variety of roles including STEM fields, politics, and education. In fact, most of our authors are women, as are many of our illustrators! Check out this list if you’re looking for something to read with your kids on March 8th:

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