Logico: The Perfect Learning Game for Kids 3 to 12

Logico: The Perfect Learning Game for Kids 3 to 12

Playing is fun. Reading is often fun. Eating dessert is lots of fun! But studying? Not as much.

Of course, there is more than one way to learn. You learn from random Google searches, Scrabble games, school, work, and a million other places that allow people to share knowledge. But for some people, and especially kids, sitting down to absorb a new concept can be tedious. There must be a better way than rote memorization and math flashcards, right?

Right! What if we told you that your kids can learn and play at the same time? What if we told you that in addition to developing their hand-eye coordination, numeracy skills, reading abilities, and understanding of natural science, your little ones can have a ton of fun? I bet you would hardly believe it! And yet, with Logico, everything is possible.

Nowadays, what with computer games, video games, and cellphone apps, there’s hardly a dull moment. Kids want to play, but too much screen time isn’t ideal for their development. Instead of letting your kids borrow the family iPad to play Flappy Bird Returns, give them a set of Logico, now exclusively available in North America through DC Canada.

For over 25 years, Logico has proven successful in schools and homes. Although its underlying structure is reminiscent of normal game boards, Logico demands that players read, think, move, sort, and decide each time they sit down to play. After a few tries, your kids will be making inferences, detecting patterns, and solving problems like pros! Logico focuses on logical learning; once parents or educators have introduced the tasks, children can easily work independently—consequently, at their own pace—and solve problems hands-on.

In Class

There is so much more to learning than sitting at a desk, staring at the blackboard. Logico is an innovative tool for classroom use—its interactive display and moving parts are more captivating than a regular lesson, making the game ideal for breaking up more theoretical teaching blocks. Start with Logico Primo in kindergarten and watch students beam with pride as they realize how much they’ve learnt over the course of just one school year. They’ll be motivated to continue learning even as the activities gradually increase in complexity. In fact, the children’s skills will grow alongside them!

At Home

By focusing on thinking, ordering, concentration, and language skills, students will be more prepared for reading, writing, and math lessons in class. Kids will discover their fundamental role in their instruction both in and out of school. Indeed, Logico brings the benefits of education and the relaxation of home together with a splash of colour! The three sets (Primo, Piccolo, and Maximo), each increasing in difficulty, allow children to see their progress over time and gain an advantage over students who leave behind learning when the bell rings at the end of the school day.

Logico improves kids’ fundamental skills, starting from colour and shape recognition and building up to critical thinking as the children move through the levels. With an easy-to-handle game board, self-correction through colour matching, and topics that span all critical school subjects, Logico is the perfect tool to trick your kids into realizing that learning is fun!